Natalie Gelman’s Moth To The Flame

I miss the good old days of running to the music store on album release day, sweating it out worrying they might be sold out before I got there. Now a days, I refuse to preorder albums online because divas sometimes release autographed or deluxe editions the day of and also I don’t want to be billed a couple bucks every time a single drops. I just want the whole damn album. This week Natalie Gelman announced if you preordered her new album, Moth To The Flame, she’d give you the whole album early. I was sold. I have only experienced this one time before (thank you Jennifer Paige) but I wish all my divas would take their lead.

Moth To The Flame is a mix of all styles of music (mainly pop which is why I like it) beautifully blended with Natalie’s full voice and deep lyrics. Natalie can serve up a big dollop of happiness with the blues (“Some People”) along with a warm slice of country goodness (“Summer Song”). She can uplift your spirit on “Stronger” and sooth your soul with the balladry of “Unloving You” and “Won’t Matter Anymore” but Natalie really dishes the dirty on the gritty rocking “The Way Things Go” and “The Devil” with her Chrissie Hynde on valium sound and vocals. However, I’m a sucker for a you’ve-done-me-wrong song which Natalie nails on “Love Let Me Go” (when that bitch packs your bags when you’re miles away from home) and my favorite track on the album “I’d Do It Without You” (willing to relive past mistakes and struggles, just not with that “sad, sad, sad, excuse for a man”).

The coolest thing about Natalie Gelman, in my gay opinion, besides her varied musical stylings is her enjoyment of performing. She’ll co-headline at a arthouse coffee shop (where I was lucky to see her perform), open for Bon Jovi or busk on the streets of New York City just to share her love of music. `

2 thoughts on “Natalie Gelman’s Moth To The Flame

  1. Natalie Gelman

    Thank so much Dave!! It’s really cool to hear your perspective on these songs. So glad you love the album and the range. And keep a looking for more bonuses news for everyone who pre-ordered today too.

    • Dave

      You’re very welcome! I saw today that you’re offering signed copies of the album with preorders as well. I will be sure to update this post with any deals you’re kind enough to offer. I’m psyched for this surprise bonus!

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