Marina’s Love & Fear Tour & Acoustic EP

Friday the 13th is superstitiously unlucky but not for me. This month Marina released her Love & Fear Acoustic EP and I had a seat in the 13th row at the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion in Boston, Massachusetts to see her in concert. This was my second time seeing Marina in concert and this show was just as fun as the first.

In my gay opinion, there’s three things a concert has to have in order to be considered a spectacle; stairs, back-up dancers and an outfit change. The audience was on their feet so Marina had a platform on the stage so she could ascend the stairs to allow everyone to see her. She had four double-duty back-up singers and dancers who didn’t get to change outfits but did get to freeze their pom-poms (yes there were pom-poms) off in shorts and tank tops in the cool, beginning of fall, night air at this outdoor venue. Marina started off in a blue outfit that Wonder Woman might have worn on Paradise Island and ended with a skin tight orange with black squiggles dress.

She performed songs from every facet of her musical career including all five songs from her new Love & Fear Acoustic EP (“True”, “Superstar”, “Karma”, “No More Suckers” and “Orange Trees”) but in their original electronic form from her Love & Fear album. Each song on the Love & Fear Acoustic EP are slowed down and focus on Marina’s multi-ranged pop-friendly vocals. I’m ecstatic she decided to give my favorite song on the album, “No More Suckers” another go on the Acoustic EP.

Whether Marina is singing songs in her full blown pop princess mode, acoustic or live; she is always fun, full of energy and oh so talented.

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