Marina & The Diamonds Froot

I first discovered Marina & The Diamonds when she opened for Katy Perry during Katy’s California Dreams Tour. Whenever I go to a concert and there’s an opener I don’t know, I like to check out their music beforehand. I had yet to like an unknown opener until Marina and haven’t liked one since. Her voice and fun loving attitude had me hooked from the first video I YouTubed and I went right on iTunes to download her album, The Family Jewels. Since seeing her open for Katy I’ve been lucky enough to see Marina headline on her own Lonely Hearts Club Tour. My gay opinion is that she’s just as good live as she is recorded.

I downloaded Marina’s new album, Froot, the day it was released. With a name like Froot and a rainbow color theme, what kind of gay would I be to not be in love with it. I’ve listened to it a few times now and the thing that I find interesting about Marina’s music is that each album is different yet the same. “Savages” could have come from her first album The Family Jewels and “I’m In Ruin” could have easily been recorded for her sophomore album Electra Heart.

With a Marina album you can expect her strong unique voice, some new electric pop beats, some emotion filled ballads, and lyrics that are at times touching and other times cute and fun. Froot is no exception. With so many female singers being a mess, it’s good to see a strong female role model for girls and a diva for young gays. With songs like “Happy” and “Can’t Pin Me Down” she shows us that you don’t have to fit into stereotypical molds. You can be strong, emotional, even weak and it’s fine as long as you’re yourself.

As I get older, so do my divas. Some stop recording, stop touring, and retire…I really miss Tina Turner…but I’ll keep hope alive. Therefore, I’m always on the hunt for a new diva who will carry me into my old age with new albums and shows to get me out of the old folks home. Marina is one of these divas. If Froot is any indication, she’s got years and years of great music still ahead of her.

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