Paula Cole’s 7

I discovered Paula Cole when I first heard “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone” back in 1997. After hearing it, I ran out and bought her album This Fire . I loved that album so much that I went back to the store (that’s when there were still record stores) and bought her first album Harbinger as well. Her honest music and lyrics filled with life experience had me hooked. I was instantly a fan.

That year a friend of mine had an extra ticket to The Lilith Fair and asked if I wanted to go. I jumped at the chance simply because Paula was on the line up. I stuck around for her set and left shortly after because nobody could top her performance. I had a taste of how amazing Paula was live and wanted to see her headline. At the time I wouldn’t have guessed that I would have to wait a decade and have to travel all the way to Freeport Maine, but it was worth the trip. After that show, she met with her fans and a dream came true when I got to meet her and get my copy of Harbinger signed.

Thankfully, since that time, she has been touring more and I’ve seen her countless times. After each show, she takes time out to meet with her fans, sign CDs and take pictures. I will travel anywhere anytime she’s local to see her and sometimes I’ll travel if the venue isn’t local. Let me tell you something about Paula Cole, she doesn’t just give you a concert, she gives you an experience. Her heart and soul goes into every performance and album.

7 is no different. Her voice is just as strong as ever, as are her lyrics. Each song is a story. She sings about marriage on “Puncture Wound” and her grandmother on “The Book Of Dorothy” (I was kind of hoping it was about Bea Arthur’s character on The Golden Girls). Each song on 7 is a heart felt ballad except for “Betty-Oh-Beautiful” which is upbeat and has a beatnik 60’s feel…something new for Paula and totally enjoyable. My favorite song on the album has to be “New York City.” One of my favorite places being the lead character on a song from one of my favorite singers.

Now that Paula is releasing her own music independently, I hope that will mean there will be more of it. As long as she keeps putting out amazing music, I’ll be buying it. It’s great having an artist to support that appreciates her fans as much as we appreciate her.

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