Natasha Bedingfield’s Roll With Me

In my gay opinion, Natasha Bedingfield is a lot like Dido, not musically but in the way that I know what I’m getting when she releases a new album. Where Dido is more mellow and laid back, Natasha is upbeat and cheery. It’s been almost a decade since Natasha’s last album, so it was time for some new audio sunshine.

Roll With Me is fourteen tracks with one theme, no matter how bad things are on your life’s path, there are always puppies, rainbows and unicorns at the end. Natasha loves her pop roots but she always works other genres in. The little bit of disco in “Roller Skate” makes me want to take a spin around the rink, on “Everybody Come Together” there’s a rap break down, there’s Jamaican vibes on “King Of The World” with it’s reggae feel, the gospel-ish “Wishful Thinking” brings me to church, and The Jackson 5 have nothing on Natasha on “Can’t Let Go” and “Real Love” with their heavy Motown beats.

Roll With Me is all about the feel-good music with some serious messages. “Hey Papa” is about the hot topic of gun control and my favorite track on the album, “No Man I See” is about women’s empowerment. Natasha is socially conscious and keep folks awoke to the beat. Whether you’re along for the ride because of the message or the sound, roll with Natasha for a fun and up-lifting trip.

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