The end of August is a sad time, it’s the end of summer and it’s time to gear up for winter…sure there’s fall in between but it’s short lived. I don’t ski and get no pleasure from being trapped home by a blizzard…although snow days from work are nice. Unfortunately, like the great divas Expose sang, “Seasons Change”.

In my gay opinion, Expose is the greatest female group of all time. My first concert that I went to by my own accord and with friends instead of with adults was Expose. Unfortunately one of them, Gioia Bruno, was sick and they had a fill-in singer. I would have to wait decades before seeing this fabulous freestyle trio again.

My first time seeing Gioia along with Ann Curless and Jeanette Jurado was decades later at a local gay club. I went with a friend who was there for the show but more to check out the talent of the crowd. The show didn’t start until midnight and was a club date so they only did a half hour of the hits over backing tracks. I positioned myself close to the stage and was in awe to finally see my favorite threesome do their synchronized stage moves live and to perfection.

After their set they met fans for autographs and later photos if time allowed. When my turn came, I was tongue tied and mumbled something about being a fan forever as they singed a CD I brought. Something happened in the line and rearranging needed to be done. With the distraction I pounced on the chance to ask for a photo instead of maybe not having the opportunity later. I shoved my camera into my slightly tipsy friend’s hand, threatened him with bodily harm should he fuck this up for me, and quickly ran around to pose. Never would have teen me ever have thought I’d have this experience.

Expose has released three albums in over a three decade long career and winter may be coming but at least I got my stalking memories to keep me warm.

Welcome to my August!

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