Tidal Babes’ OMG EP

I was recently introduced to the Tital Babes’ new EP, OMG. In my gay opinion, this is the EP that Annette Funicello would have made had she told Walt Disney to stick his Mickey Mouse ears where the sun don’t shine and refused to be the sex-symbol in Beach Blanket Bingo, instead demanding that Frankie Avalon be the one objectified in Beach Blanket Himbo.

The EP consists of five modern songs with a retro surfer sound. Tital Babes infuse the good vibrations of the 60’s with their gritty pop sound. I can’t help but head-bop and smile when I hear this music.

OMG: Annette would strut into the local motorcycle bar wearing her bikini, get up on the bar and own the place as she belts out this catchy tune.

Hang: This is a softer side of Annette, she just wants to lay around naked and be alone with her love, while still shimmying around doing her best Goldie Hawn sock-it-to-me moves.

Tamagotchi: Annette having a bout of reefer madness in this heavily psychedelic song.

Bam: Annette doing The Flintstones on a bender justice with some Bow Wow Wow flair.

Gay For You: Annette girl crushing on Gidget in this Roxette inspired ballad. True love found over forgotten flip-flops and funnel cakes.

OMG makes me fantasize about throwing a surf board in the back of my jeep, slipping on a wet suit and picking up Moondoggie at the malt shop to go hang ten. However the reality is more like me hoping into my Mazda while wearing my 20 year old t-shirt and cargo shorts to go buy a vegan moon pie at Whole Foods and be in bed by ten. Kowabunga dudes and dudettes!

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