Giving Thanks

This month people have been trying my patience….let me rephrase that, people have been trying my patience more than usual. Nicely put, I’ve been dealing with a bunch of whiny bitches who I want to smack as well as people who are in bad situations that I could have easy found myself in but can’t help them out of. Both of these interactions are leaving me quite grateful and introspective…isn’t that what this whole season is supposed to be about? That, and scoring holiday time off from work and good shopping deals. Anyways, in my gay opinion, here’s what I’m thankful for this year.

Of course I’m thankful for my partner and the home we’ve created. It’s nice being in a relationship where we’re on the same page and having fun. We also have to stay together for the kids sake, who I’m thankful for since I get to live out my Mrs. Garrett fantasies yelling “GIRLS!” at the top of my lungs as Chelsea chases a hissing Abby under the bed.

I’m thankful for my family that are friends, my friends who are family, and my supermodel niece who stars on this month’s banner. I’ve removed the toxic people from my life and have kept the one’s who deserve to be here. My partner is also thankful for them, they go to the drag shows and Charo concerts so he doesn’t have to.

I’m thankful for my job….shocking right? Sure I complain about work but without it I wouldn’t have time to write these blog posts, get great seats for concerts the minute they go on sale, or live in the lifestyle I’ve become accustom to….low-maintenance and able to buy name brand food on sale. I’ve reached the age where there’s nothing hotter than a BOGO deal on Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream.

I’m thankful for my body getting back to it’s ability to sleep and go to the gym. First I’m thankful for my job and now the gym, what the hell happened to me this year. It does make sense I’d be thankful for the eye candy in their tight shorts with wife-beaters that rise up when they lift their arms showing the bottom four abs of their six-packs and for being there just for me…at least that’s what I think. Oh, I am so thankful for those voices in my head since they confirm everything that that I believe is true.

Finally I am thankful for you. Although the majority of the hits on my site are gay Russian bots, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my words.

Добро пожаловать в мой ноябрь…for you two non-Russians, Welcome to my November.


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