Twinnie’s Hollywood Gypsy

In my gay opinion, country music can be depressing with its tinny guitars and downer lyrics. Even Cyndi Lauper, who I worship, wasn’t able to convert me with her Detour album. However, there are some up-and-coming pop-country divas that can get my toes a tappin’, and Twinnie is one of them.

Twinnie’s Hollywood Gypsy album cover caught my eye with her biker-chick jacket over a poofy Quinceanera dress. She then caught my ear on Spotify with her more pop than country sound and her tough girl-power lyrics. Twinnie isn’t like many country artists crying into her tissue box and pint of Ben & Jerry’s because her man just left, she’s toasting her chardonnay out on the town with her gal pals because she likes her men “Better When I’m Drunk.”

The country music industry is more misogynistic than most. I like my divas when they’re having fun with smart lyrics (Twinnie co-wrote hers) and a beat I can boot-scoot-n-boogie to. I feel many country divas shake their ass in tight jeans because The Man tells them to. When was the last time you saw an unattractive female country singer? Male country singers are a different story. Twinnie might look good but don’t doubt for a minute who’s in control, “’cause red lips don’t give a shit / I ain’t no easy get.”

Twinnie doesn’t have me ready to plaid up and gallop down to the hoedown (I thought that’s when a prostitute ends up on the curb with a broken stiletto) but she certainly has wedged her rhinestoned cowboy boot in the door jam of my pop-loving musical heart.

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