Lindsay Ell

The thing I miss most during this whole Coronavirus thing is going to concerts and buying merch to get autographed afterward. The pandemic is allowing me time to find new divas though, last week I found Twinnie on Spotify. When I go to buy a new diva’s album (since streams don’t even earn them a penny), if I find an autographed version available, it’s better than Christmas. I thought, since I’m paying shipping for Twinnie’s signed CD, maybe another unknown-to-me diva might have cool merch.

That’s where Lindsay Ell came in with her autographed This Project and Heart Theory CD’s. Getting her Continuum Project autographed will have to wait until touring happens again. Right from the first song I was hooked on her calm and simple sound…she’s categorized as country, but in my gay opinion, sounds more pop.

Each of her albums have the same strong vibe. Lindsay flirts with country but only with a kiss of twang, she rocks out with her guitar riffs but never long enough for me to look at my watch wondering when the vocals will kick in, and her balladry is almost adult contemporary but won’t put you to sleep.

She co-wrote the majority of the songs on This Project and Heart Theory. Most of the songs revolve around love and heart-break, which is very country of her but her tough survival side is very pop. Give me a positive and strong singer-songwriter diva any day.

Lindsay’s middle album, The Continuum Project, is a song for song cover album of John Mayer’s Continuum. I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t look up the lyrics and see they were almost all written by him. I’m not going to listen to a comparison, I’ll just assume Lindsay does it better.

So between Twinnie and Lindsay Ell, last week I had quite a downpour of divas, bringing a rainbow to cloudy skies.

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