Patty Smyth’s It’s About Time

I, like any fan of 80’s music, know Patty Smyth as the voice behind the classic hit ‘Warrior” by Scandal.

However, in my gay opinion, she solidified her spot in Divadom in 1992 when she released her single “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” with Don Henley. Her self-titled album became an instant favorite of mine and still is to this day. There are a few albums that I crave in their entirety, that’s one of them. The best song on the album, “My Town,” is Patty’s rocking anthem to New York City and is the theme song I hear in my head when walking the city’s streets. When there’s extra sway in my hips, you know why. 

Five years ago she released her Christmas album Come On December but it’s been twenty-eight years since she released any new pop/rock music. I have been waiting decades and thankfully the drought is finally over, with the aptly titled, It’s About Time. Patty still knows her way around a ballad as well as an excellent mix of pop and rock. Her recognizable voice with a hint of rocker-chick grit hasn’t changed a bit.

Patty Smyth is more than just a music legend from the 80’s, she’s a strong songwriter, having co-wrote five of the new tracks and solo writer on “Build A Fire” which is my favorite on the album. The songs on It’s About Time are more than just musical magic, they’re story-telling at it’s best. For me, music is all about the lyrics, and Patty weaves an epic tale. One of love, lust and loss over a newer almost folk-rock sound.

It’s About Time is damn near perfection. My only complaint is (as was the case with Come On December) it’s only eight songs and two are covers. “Downtown Train” is a new version of a cover she did on her Never Enough album in the late 80’s…does that make it a recover? Beggars can’t be choosers and It’s About Time is totally worth the wait but I hope I don’t have to wait until 2048 for the next album. This taste has left me thirsty for more!

2 thoughts on “Patty Smyth’s It’s About Time

  1. Bob McIntyre

    My gay opinion completely agrees with your gay opinion. Every song on this album is stellar.

    • Dave

      Thanks for your input, it’s great to hear from another gay with exceptionally good taste.

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