A few months ago, one of the divas I follow, Kris Angelis, announced a virtual performance with other artists on the Road Nation’s Twitch station. I never heard of Road Nation before but they do free virtual indie-artist concerts every Tuesday and Thursday. Many are female artists which is a huge draw for me and an even bigger draw is that each artist has a support button where I can score cool merch. 

A couple weeks ago a new-to-me diva, Floyd, was on the bill. She was selling handwritten lyrics, which called to my inner collector. Many of the artists on Road Nation sell lyrics but their music just doesn’t do anything for me. When I looked up Floyd on Spotify, I was instantly hooked. In my gay opinion, her sound is everything. I ordered lyrics for my favorite tracks and watching her perform left me wanting to see her in concert some day. It might be time to update my Bucket List.

Right now Floyd has four singles on Spotify, all of which are musically up-beat and solely written by her. Give me a talented singer/songwriter diva any day.

One of my favorite genres is breakup songs where the diva doesn’t go quietly into the night and “Sorry Sorry Boy” is that kind of song. She calls out her man for being a dog but still wants him to stay but won’t tolerate any more crap.

“Shine” is a total turn around from “Sorry Sorry Boy.” There’s no angst or drama, just unconditional love wrapped in perky-toe tapping sound that’s tied up in bows full of “oooh, oooh, ooohs.”

“What Do You Want” is another emotional tug-of-war song with a bopping beat that I can’t help chair dancing to. A tale as old as time, an are we/aren’t we and where’s this relationship going song.

The party keeps going with “What Do You Say” with it’s speedy guitar. When you’re all in and you want that person you love to go along for the ride. “What Do You Say” is emotional, loving and a blast.

I’m always amazed at the unique ways the universe introduces me to divas that I wouldn’t discover otherwise. I feel very lucky to have encountered Floyd’s music and couldn’t wait to share it here. I know she has plans for a Christmas song this year and hopes to get into the recording studio early next year to record some new music. I’m ready and can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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