Top 5 Must See Divas Before I Die Bucket List

Most people have a bucket list of things they want to do or places they want to see before they die, that’s not really my thing. Since I have no goals, everything is attainable. I wake up, get dressed, eat, work, and have some laughs. Missions accomplished. As for my geographical knowledge, I can’t even name 3 streets in my own town. How can I know all the states, where they are on a map or find foreign countries on a globe? Why research places to visit when I can have fun anywhere I go? I do however have my very own and very gay Top 5 Must See Divas Before I Die Bucket List:

5: Arden Kaywin – I saw she had a show in New York when her last album, The Elephant In The Room, was released but I wasn’t able to get into the city that day. It’s been 5 years since then and I’ve yet to see any other shows announced. I assumed at the time that I’d have another chance to see her live but now I wonder if she’ll ever tour again.

4: Jennifer Love Hewitt – At a book signing for the release of her book The Day I Shot Cupid, I had the pleasure of meeting and getting a photo with J-Love. Since posed photos weren’t allowed, Jen looks completely surprised but I knew the photo was coming so I look good…which is really all that matters, right? I know her main focus is being an actress but she’s released albums in the past, so I’m always hoping for a new album and maybe some shows to promote it.

3: Jennifer Paige – I’ve been a fan since her single Crush came out in 1998. I’ve followed her career through 5 albums and a couple EPs but it’s rare to see any information about her performing live. The only shows I ever saw listed for her were a few shows in California when her Christmas album, Holiday, came out two years ago. California was just too far to travel. Now with her working on a new podcast, The Breakthrough Artist, I fear that performing live will take a back seat.

2: Annie Lennox – Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to cross her off my list when she releases her new album Nostalgia later this month, hopefully a tour will follow. The last time she toured she came around with Sting. Although I love Annie, I just couldn’t sit through a whole Sting concert in order to see her and I wasn’t willing to pay the price they were asking. I wouldn’t even want to see The Eurythmics, I want Annie and only Annie.

1: Fefe Dobson – She has been on my list for over a decade now and has teased me with promises of shows quite a few times. Twice she came locally to do events and I was out of town both times. Earlier this year she did a tour of Canada in which I went into full out stalker mode and decided this would be the year I’d cross her off my list. I bought myself a VIP ticket which would allow me to see her do an acoustic warm up set, meet her after, get a handful of various merch items, and then see the full show afterwards. I took two days off from work and drove over 900 miles round-trip just over the US boarder to Hamilton, Ontario. When I got to the venue I found a concert poster with a sign over it stating “Show Canceled”. I then drove the 7 hours home to find out the show wasn’t really canceled but moved a few miles away to a different venue. Oh yeah, it hurt! Even through all that, she’s still at the top of my list.

If I’m lucky enough to get to see any or all of these divas, as well as discovering new ones, I’m sure there will always be some diva somewhere who will be on my ever-changing bucket list.

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