Stevie Nicks’ 24 Karat Gold

My gay opinion is that Stevie Nicks can do no wrong. Honey can cast spells just by swirling her shawl and weave magic through her songs. Stevie’s voice has been a part of my musical upbringing since I first discovered music in the late 70s, early 80s. I would dance around my room with a bed sheet flowing around me singing along to “Stand Back” into a hairbrush…and that was just last week. I, however, didn’t become a die hard fan until I bought her album Trouble In Shangri-La in 2001 and saw her live for the first time. That’s when I became hooked on Stevie.

When I heard that she was releasing an album of songs from her personal vault, I squealed with glee as only my inner teenage girl can. What musical treasures must be hidden there. I just imagined Stevie kneeling on the floor of her bedroom going into her weather beaten trunk that’s inlaid with purple velvet and sequins, pushing aside diaries and discarded tambourines, to unearth master tapes of the demos that would become this new album.

24 Karat Gold is Stevie’s version of a greatest hits album but with music you’ve never heard before. You would think that songs written in different decades and phases of Stevie’s life would feel disjointed but every song on the album compliments one another to form a solid cohesive album. Each new song gives a nod to music of hers from the past and makes you feel like your visiting with old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Her magical voice buckles you into a time machine that transports you into a whole new era of music.

So my recommendation is to light some candles, toss on some loose fitting clothes or shawls if you got ’em, put on 24 Karat Gold and take a couple twirls around the room while Stevie takes you on a rockin’ ride you won’t soon forget.

*Thanks to my partner for taking this photo and only slightly rolling his eyes when I threw on this tank top and told him what I wanted to do. Also, thanks to my sister for having a gold sequined Bob Mackie knock off tank top in her wardrobe. Really, it’s my sisters…well it was up until now.

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