Kris Angelis Live At Hotel Cafe

In my gay opinion, one of the biggest hardships during the Coronavirus pandemic has been giving up live music. I miss getting to a venue more than a hour early in case of traffic, squeezing into a tight seat with no leg room, listening to fans one-up each other reminiscing about previous shows they attended in exotic locales, while anxiously awaiting that magical moment when that all fades away as the diva takes her stage.

Kris Angelis Live At Hotel Cafe is Kris Angelis’ new offering to her fans to help those going through concert withdraw. Live At Hotel Cafe is a recording from her album release party in January this year for her EP That Siren, Hope. Her modern pop-folk talent shines as she performs the whole EP and four other tracks with a full band, so pristine that I forget it’s live until the audience claps. However, it’s the banter between songs that really makes the album special and highlights the live experience.

Kris is an indie artist who sells her albums on her website and on Bandcamp with a suggested price as well as a name-your-own-price option. She’s giving a portion of the first week’s sales to support the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles so it can reopen when possible. Just another reason I love Kris and indie artists in general.

Lately divas have been doing virtual concerts from their homes but it’s not like sharing the same same place and time. The sound is usually poor (what can I expect from a performance from a couch) and there isn’t buffering in real life…except when the diva has too much to drink and it throws her lip-syncing off. So it’s nice to have Kris’ high-quality recording to hold me over until I can go to shows again.

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