Shakespears Sister’s Hormonally Yours 30th Anniversary

I’m not a big celebrator of birthdays or anniversaries. However, when Shakespears Sister announced a 30th anniversary release of their album Hormonally Yours in a CD/DVD duo-pack nestled in a catsuit sequined pouch with autographed pic, how could I say no to buying a gift for the love of my life…I’m talking about myself, of course. I also have been in love with Shakespears Sister (Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit) for all these years. Who said threesomes couldn’t last? Our relationship has lasted longer than marriage has been legal for my kind, longer than I had my parents in my life, and longer than my virginity lasted. Thank you, Jesus! As in Jesús, the adorable Puerto Rican boy in my high school bio class with dark brown eyes, jet-black hair, spotless white Converse high-tops, tight jean jacket, and even tighter Levis who had his way with me under the football bleachers…ok, so that might not be exactly or even close to how it went down, but this is my post.

Over the decades, there’ve been a few albums that have helped form me into the person I am today and the music I enjoy, Hormonally Yours is one of those albums. Shakespears Sister’s sound is unlike any other, in my gay opinion, it’s out-there and futuristic. The remastered album isn’t dated and sounds just as unique as it did 30 years ago.

“I Don’t Care” and “Moonchild” helped raise me up and harden me against other people’s put downs and hurtful words at a time when I needed it most. It gave me strength and a healthy “go fuck yourself” attitude.

Having small animals with short life spans in my life over the decades has meant many late-night drives to the emergency vet with tears streaming down my face and “Stay” on my CD/iPod/USB as I wailed along.

“The Trouble With Andre” got me through my first boy break up with a bitch who was a liar and a thief, I never did get my Annie Lennox “Diva” CD back that he “borrowed.” Lesson learned, never trust a man with your heart or access to your music collection. It didn’t help when our last conversation after a fight went something like:

Me: Hey, I’d like to see you so we can talk and I can get my CD?

Andre: I don’t think there’s anything to talk about.

Me: Can’t we just grab a coffee? So, things won’t end this way.

Andre: Well maybe.

Me: Cool. Just let me know when and don’t forget the CD.

Andre: It seems like you want your stuff back more than you want to see me?

Me: Umm…well…


Me: Hello! Hello!

The limited edition remastered version of Hormonally Yours has a few bonus demo tracks, which is a treat. There was a Shakespears Sister album before and a few after Hormonally Yours that were great but this one holds a special place in my heart. Whenever there’s a new release, I hope for a tour. Seeing these two in concert is high on my bucket list. Until then, Happy Anniversary Divas, here’s to 30 more!

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