Twinnie’s Bad Bad Bitch

I’ve been a fan of Twinnie’s for a few years now. In my gay opinion, Twinnie’s sound is the perfect mix of country and pop, and her newest single “Bad Bad Bitch” is once again the perfect marriage of the two. When I heard her newest single was called “Bad Bad Bitch,” I knew to expect more of the strong, female-positive lyrics that I’ve come to love in Twinnie’s songs. I was lucky enough to get to ask Twinnie a couple questions via email and here’s what the diva had to say…oh yeah, I let Twinnie get a few words in too.

Dave: Your album Hollywood Gypsy, along with acoustic and reimagined versions of it, came out during the pandemic. What made you decide to release 3 versions of your album? Also, when you’re doing a live show, how do you decide which version you’ll perform? 

Twinnie: That wasn’t great timing was it? Haha, to be honest I decided to share 3 different versions as I was unable to perform live which is such a huge part of the album release promotional cycle so this was a way that I could keep the record in the fans’ minds even though I wasn’t able to connect person-to-person. And with playing it live, it usually depends on the set-up of the gig and venue is like. 

Dave: You have done a lot to shine a light on mental health issues with your Welcome To The Club EP inspired film and as the founder of I Know A Woman, the global music collective to standardize mental health therapy within all label and publishing deals. What would you say has been your biggest success with the collective so far?

Twinnie: I’m so privileged to be able to do all that I’m doing and I will always look to create a safe space for mental health. With the collective we’ve seen labels including BMG and Sony now offering mental health care as standard and that’s been a huge win for us and overall this project has just made me so happy. I love all that we do and we have so much in the pipeline as well. It’s just a really cathartic process to be a part of. 

Dave: The collective also promotes female artists strongly, something I try to do as well on this site. What female singer/songwriter do you feel more people should know about or doesn’t get the recognition she deserves?

Twinnie: I think we as women often get overlooked for one reason or another, you only have to look at the statistics across the industry to see how one sided it can be. But I think we all have a part to play in order to even out the playing field and I Know A Woman is pushing for that with writing camps, writers rounds and more. We encourage men to join us and stand beside us in our push for equality. 

Dave: Your new single, Bad Bad Bitch, is such a girl-power anthem as are many of your songs, what do you hope young women of today take away from this song and your music in general? 

Twinnie: I just hope they know that their power comes from being their most authentic selves. 

Dave: You have so much on your plate already, but what’s next on your agenda for world domination?

Twinnie: Haha, I hope so. I have another trip to Nashville booked in and then I’ll be touring the UK with Song Suffragettes this October and also playing a show with Tenille Townes too. 

I’m jealous of anyone in the UK that can go to these shows. I saw a Song Suffragettes show when I visited Nashville years ago but unfortunately Twinnie wasn’t one of the women performing but it was the best part of my trip. I’m still holding out hope that Twinnie will tour the New England area sometime soon. Until then, I’ll just have to enjoy “Bad Bad Bitch” on repeat and eagerly await whatever next musical nugget of magic Twinnie makes appear.

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