Twinnie’s Blue Hour (Before The Dawn) EP

Pablo Picasso had his Blue Period from 1901 to 1904 (welcome to Art History 101) but I much prefer Twinnie’s Blue Trilogy which started last year with her Blue Hour (After Dark) and Blue Christmas EPs and continues with her latest EP, Blue Hour (Before The Dawn).

Blue Hour (Before The Dawn) is a six-pack of songs born from ruined relationships. “Girl In Your Songs” is an upbeat track sung by the muse who will never be replaced by a new love. There’s the broken up ballads, “Take A Break” (a duet with Max Boyle) about wanting to rekindle for one night and “The Greatest Love Song” about an epic love that never had a chance to begin. “Crazy Ex” is what we’re all destine to be in someone else’s eyes, while some ex’s are tied to a city like “London” or in “Paying Interest” we’re haunted by the deadbeat ghosts of exes. Twinnie lives it, writes about it and bounces back from it.

In my gay opinion, Twinnie has some serious ex appeal and I give her props for releasing a few songs as singles before putting them out as an EP with some unreleased tracks. Blue Hour (Before The Dawn) highlights Twinnie’s signature pop-country sound and shows her ability to grow. The EP’s mood is meant to be blue, but it’s shade is electric.

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