Twinnie’s Blue Hour (After Dark) EP

In just the three years since I became a Twinnie fan, she’s put out her Hollywood Gypsy album (as well as acoustic and reimagined versions of it), a handful of singles, her Welcome To The Club EP and now her newest EP, Blue Hour (After Dark). Can’t say that she hasn’t been busy, some divas make me wait three years just to announce starting work on new music.

I used to say I wasn’t a fan of country music but Twinnie’s modern country sound has changed that. Twinnie keeps putting a perfect mix of humor and heart in all her music and I’m here for it. Her songs aren’t always happy and this time around sometimes even murderous. In my gay opinion, the best thing about Twinnie is that no matter how much pain she goes through, she dusts herself off and comes back stronger because of it.

The six-song Blue Hour (After Dark) EP is just as enjoyable as her previous work. The EP is full of relationship trauma and drama but with a resilient backbone. It’s about turning heartache into art. My favorite lyrical genre of music is the breakup song where the diva is better off in the end…and Twinnie is it’s Queen.

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