Twinnie’s Hollywood Gypsy Reimagined EP

I’m a total whore for autographed merch. I discovered Twinnie because she had autographed copies of her album Hollywood Gypsy on her website and that convinced me to check out her music, which I’m glad I did. I was seven months late for the party but better late than never.

A month after my original Twinnie post, she released Hollywood Gypsy Acoustic, where every song (plus a new song “Cupid”) got an acoustic overhaul focusing on Twinnie’s multifaceted voice and fun-loving female lyrics. Those were the characteristics that originally attracted me to Twinnie’s sound, so I fell in love with her music even more. 

Thanks to COVID (give credit where credits due), Twinnie had time to revamp a handful of songs one more time and released her Hollywood Gypsy Reimagined EP on Bandcamp on Hollywood Gypsy’s one-year anniversary. What does “reimagined” mean? Would these pop-country songs go classical? Jazzy? Rap? I could only imagine.

This weekend, the mystery was revealed. Twinnie didn’t reimagine the EP, she reimagined five songs individually. I’m a sucker for a ballad, which she does amazingly on “Better When I’m Drunk” with it’s inebriated sexting feel and “Daddy Issues” exemplifies campfire romanticism. What’s surprising are her three other reimagined songs, Twinnie went dance remix crazy. “I Love You Now Change” could be a Military Marching Band Mix, “Hollywood Gypsy” is a late 80’s / early 90’s nod to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and the milkshaker “Feeling Of Falling” will bring all the gays to the club.

In my gay opinion, the Hollywood Gypsy Reimagined EP shows Twinnie can nail any style of music and really does reimagine these songs into something fresh and new.

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