Foxes’ Friends In The Corner EP

When I heard that Foxes was releasing an EP of her recent singles and a few bonus songs, I was ecstatic. In my gay opinion, that’s how it should be done. A pet peeve of mine is when divas release a bunch of singles but don’t compile them into an album or at the very least an EP. I’m old school with my music appreciation, I want to get lost in a diva’s world for a half hour or so.

“Friends In The Corner” starts the EP off strong with Foxes signature sound, a mix of throbbing and slowed-down beats. Dance music with a message. She does this again splendidly later on the EP with “Dance” and it’s message of grooving through hard times.

The second track, “Kathleen,” also ends the EP with a Live Acoustic version. This homage to her grandmother is beautiful and sweet. Even her slow songs make my head nod to the beat. The most stripped down ballads on the EP are “Hollywood” and “Woman” with simple musicianship and focusing on the sweet vocals of Foxes.

It’s her full-on upbeat songs like “Courage” that appeal to me most though. My favorite track on the EP is “Love Not Loving You” with it’s upbeat tempo and strong break-up lyrics. It’s a dance party in my head, and sometimes living room, every time I hear it.

Friends In The Corner is exactly what a good EP should be, eight tracks (I’ve had divas put out albums that long) that work well together and give a taste of where Foxes’ future in music is heading. Her sound is still powerful and her lyrics are maturing. She’s a class act diva and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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