Regina Richards And Red Hot (40th Anniversary Edition)

Ok, I’m totally going to date myself…which is unusual here, since that usually involves a package of Oreos, a Magic Mike movie marathon and a box of tissues. However, back in 1986 this was my jam:

Ahhh…the 80’s when invading people’s privacy was sexy and so were sax solos!

Regina’s Madonna-esque sound (and need for only one name) had me hooked. It was 80’s pop perfection. I played Regina’s solo album Curiosity until I knew every word of every sugary-sweet song. At the time, I couldn’t find her previous album with Red Hot, however in honor of their 40th anniversary they just rereleased it digitally with some bonus material. Having never heard these songs before, it’s like taking a DeLorean back to the early 80’s, to a time when Classic Rock was just rock and before the synth New-Wave crashed down.

Regina Richards And Red Hot is everything the 80’s was about, fun lyrics and pop-rock musicianship. “Jealous” is reminiscent of early Heart and “You Better Go” flirts with a rocking reggae beat. While nodding to the past, they also paved the way for others with songs like “Not Lookin’ For Love” which could’ve inspired “Vacation” by The Go-Go’s or “Don’t Want You Back” feels like Gloria Estefan…when she was still with The Miami Sound Machine.

However, I’m a sucker for cheezy fun-loving lyrics and they’re plentiful on this album. My favs being the hard-working “Company Girl” (The sound of papers and machines / Feels so lonely / No in-di-vid-u-al-i-ty / Copies only) and the respect-demanding “Main Chick” (I suffered for a long time / Now something must be done / Watching from the side lines / Just isn’t any fun / I don’t want to cause any trouble / But I want your love on the double).

In my gay opinion this album is as if Pat Benatar took over a Blondie cover band at a bar mitzvah, a great way to go retro and have a totally awesome time.

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