Donna De Lory’s We Shine EP

Donna De Lory, in my gay opinion, is one of those divas who can sing any style and make it sound good. Lately her go-to style is uplifting, new-age dance. That’s how she starts her new EP, We Shine, with “Diamonds In The Sun (We Shine)” but the rest of the EP branches out into minimalistic balladry.

We Shine is a solid, seven-song EP of new songs, covers, and some revamped versions of her own classics. Donna’s soothing, heart-felt vocals weave their way effortlessly on this half hour journey filled with unity, dreams, heart-break, and a loving spirit. Who needs herbal tea and a Xanax when there’s Donna’s music and Oreos.

Although I love upbeat yogi Donna, it’s nice to have my old-school pop priestess back for a visit.

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