Shakespears Sister’s Ride Again EP

After a decade of no new Shakespears Sister music, Santa came early this year (poor Mrs. Claus) when they released a greatest hits, Singles Party (1988-2019), back in July and their Ride Again EP this month. Ride Again contains an Instrumental and Video Mix of “All The Queens Horses” and a Perfect Mix of “C U Next Tuesday” which were new tracks on Singles Party. The remixes don’t enhance or take away from the originals but, in my gay opinion, any new Shakespears Sister music is a gift I enjoy stuffed in my stocking.

Shakespears Sister’s sound has always been alternative as showcased in the three new songs, however they’re more theatrical this time around. “Time To Say Goodbye” continues the retro western movie sound of “All The Queens Horses” while “When She Finds You” has more of a Hawaiian Chris Isaak luau sound with Richard Hawley’s guest vocals. The final new song, “Dangerous Game”, sounds the most like old school Shakespears Sister with it fun rocking beat and well-blended vocals.

Since the Santa at my local mall has a restraining order against me for demanding gifts for my lap dances, I’ll have to put my Christmas wish out on the internet. Shakespears Sister is touring the UK but no USA dates have been announced…yet. Time to work your magic Santa.

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