Kris Angelis’ Damn Shame Waste

I’ve been a sucker for Kris Angelis’ modern-folk sound for years now and the sway-worthy, singer-songwriter siren is back with her new album Damn Shame Waste. Once again, Kris bares her soul musically and lyrically in a way that only she can.

The album starts out (“Run” “A Different Story” “Paper Planes.”) with a retro-country gospel humming, honky-tonk twanging, violin virtuoso-ing vibe. Then it gradually heads (“Win The Game” “A Happy Song” and my fav “Earthquake”) into a melodic-pop, Susanna Hoffs sounding, force of nature direction. To land comfortably in (“It’s Tumbling Me”) an emotionally cathartic ballad bath leaving one spent and mentally purged.

Kris Angelis’ musicianship is just as great as her relatable songwriting. In my gay opinion, Damn Shame Waste continues her solid catalog of great music. Prolific and talented is the most I can ask of my divas and Kris always delivers.

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