Kris Angelis’ The Skies We Look To EP

One of the perks of stalking indie divas is they appreciate their fans more and tend to have the best merch, Kris Angelis is no exception. Not only is Kris an amazing singer / songwriter but when she releases a new album or EP, she promotes her albums like nobody’s business solo. Plugging the new EP on her website, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram and iTunes.

The Skies We Look To EP is seven songs of folk fabulousness. A few of Kris’ songs (“I’d Give Anything” and “20 Miles To Empty”) are Reba McEntiresque country, but when Kris goes full-on ballad, her voice and story-telling really shine. The loss on “My Quiet” will have you missing the solid people in your past, “Flicker” turns darkness to light, “Meet You In Our Dreams” oozes romanticism of rendezvousing in a dreamscape, the modern mythology of “Sunset” is magic, and “That Wine Stain” will break your heart with it’s story of a love who adores their addiction more than their partner.

Kris’ hard work paid off musically with an EP of beautiful ballads and the EP debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer / Songwriter Chart and #43 on the All Albums Chart. Now I have something to listen to while waiting for my The Skies We Look To merch to arrive. In my gay opinion, there’s nothing better than waiting on the mail man to handle my package.

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