Abigail Osborn’s Bad Lover: Chapter 2 EP

Abigail Osborn’s Bad Lover: Chapter 1 EP was a great find the end of last year, so I was excited to hear the sequel that dropped this month. This EP is mellow and introspective, with all five songs co-written by Abigail and with a smooth-swaying pop sound.

“Bad Lover” is a confessional full of dating flaws both in the EP and the title song by the same name. Like in “Don’t Have The Heart” when someone is kept around hoping love will develop instead of letting a good one get away or doubting if a new person can be as loved as much as someone from the past on “I Do You.” Then there’s fearing love in “Scared Of Falling” when it’s easier to run away than face those fears or “Easy Love” when you don’t want to be with someone just to have an uncomplicated romance.

Each chapter of Bad Lover shows another facet of Abigail’s personality and sound. Abigail may be a self-proclaimed bad lover but she’s an amazing singer and song-writer, at least in my gay opinion.

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