Miki Ratsula’s I’ll Be Fine If I Want To

When Spotify recommended the song “Jealous Of My Brother” to me, Miki Ratsula’s vocals caught my ear and I wanted to hear more. I liked that Miki’s sound was sort of gender fluid and after looking up their Spotify page, I found that Miki is a trans, non-binary Finnish singer/songwriter whose voice matches their persona. 

Upon listening to Miki’s most current album, I’ll Be Fine If I Want To, the songs have the same indie pop vibe of “Jealous Of My Brother” but the majority are folksy ballads. Miki’s story telling is strong and each song has a sound that had me swaying along in no time.

I’ll Be Fine If I Want To is Miki’s sophomore album, their first album came out back in 2022, titled I Owe It To Myself. That album is quieter but just as comforting. Miki has also released three EPs. Every Shade Of Blue is full of guitar and piano love ballads, Everything&Nothing has a darker and more echoey electronic vibe and Made For Them is similar to the smooth pop of I’ll Be Fine If I Want To. Whatever your taste, Miki has a flavor for you.

Many of Miki’s songs are tied to trans issues like feeling different, not having your pronouns (they/them for Miki) recognized, and finding one’s tribe. Miki has a lot to say about the troubles of growing up and their stories are relatable no matter what your struggles. In my gay opinion, their perspective may be different than most, but I’m glad Miki is out there singing for those who need to hear their voice represented in the world.

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