Link Lauren’s Boot Cut Jeans EP

I first heard of Link Lauren when Spotify recommended his song “I Love It When Hot Guys Cry” to me. Sometimes I feel so seen by Spotify that it’s scary. I checked out Link’s other singles, and after a long wait, was excited when he finally dropped his EP, Book Cut Jeans, last month.

Boot Cut Jeans does a complete turn-around and has a modern country vibe instead of the pop sound I was expecting from Link. I might not be a huge country music fan but this EP has Link’s pop sensibilities and his tongue-in-cheek lyrics which are very much my style. In my gay opinion, this EP takes the best parts of typical country songs and gives them a rainbow twist.

Present are country staples, like the country cutie with his “book cut jeans, and a beat up truck, he had his daddy’s bad temper when he’s down on his luck”, not letting that “devil come around no more” by boot-scootin-boogieing an ex to the curb and praying the door to heaven might be ajar if God’s willing to “turn a little blind eye” after doing “some really bad things tonight” with a one night stand. Link roped me in with his cowboy-on-cowboy musical rodeo and I enjoyed every minute in his Boot Cut Jeans.

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