Sophia’s Fragile

Sophia was the first new-to-me diva to come across my radar in 2022 but she’s giving me old school 2003 vibes. Sophia’s Fragile album has a reminiscent pop and R&B sound that I haven’t enjoyed since Maria’s album, My Soul, back in the day.

Sophia is a queer singer, songwriter, performer and producer who is bringing Early Millennium Realness to the music scene of today. Sophia doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, she just lays it out there for everyone to see. Her lyrics are relatable whether you’re falling in or out of love, feeling lonely, or just want to celebrate life. Her musical beats will wrap you up in a warm hug or make you shake your ass.

In my gay opinion, Sophia’s song-writing and music is honest, emotionally bare and smooth but who better to talk about the music than the diva herself. Here’s what Sophia has to say about her history, inspirations and the take-away from her album.

Dave: How did you first get into music? Was it through singing, writing or performing?

Sophia: It was through my family actually. We’ve had a grand piano in the family for a long time. When it came to my mom’s house, all I wanted to do was play the piano. She is an amazing piano player as well so she also taught me a lot. I took lessons for 6 years and after that I discovered that I had a huge passion for singing and performing. 

Dave: Your music is so personal and expressive, is there any topic on the album that you thought might be too personal to share but you still kept it on there? 

Sophia: Thank you so much! Well most of the topics actually. All of the songs are about such personal stories. I haven’t even told these stories to half my friends yet because they’re so personal to me. Music was my way of being able to still talk about it and share it without actually having to do so. But Questions was my biggest fear. I have family members on my dad’s side, who might’ve been insulted or disrespected by hearing me share my story with the world. But I had to let go of that fear because it was for me and for me only.

Dave: I feel that there are so many talented female and queer artists out there (yourself included) who sometimes get overlooked. What female and/or queer artist has had an impact on your musical career that you feel hasn’t gotten the recognition they deserve?

Sophia: I Honestly don’t understand why Victoria Monet isn’t the biggest artist on the planet atm??? She is SO talented. Apart from her my queer inspirations aren’t big artist. It’s the people around me actually who inspire me the most by just existing in the most beautiful way possible. These are the people and artists that get overlooked all the time. 

Dave: What message do you hope the audience listening to your album leaves with?

Sophia: That it’s okay to be fragile. That you’re never alone and most importantly to NEVER take any shit from any man. 

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