Foxes’ The Kick

On her new album, The Kick, Foxes stays true to her pop-dance roots. She likes to play with the tempo; from simple swaying, to shoulder shaking, to full on shoe stomping, with many transitions in each song. Not only does Foxes fill her songs musically but lyrically as well. In my gay opinion, dance music tends to be boring with repetitive lyrics but Foxes brings a special style of story-telling to every track.

The Kick has a futuristic prom night feel and Foxes is it’s Queen. The album has personal and artistic growth with hope of what’s to come. There’s robotic riffs and electronic excitement on “The Kick” and “Two Kinds Of Silence” while making sure there’s some balladry, “Body Suit” and “Too Much Colour,” for slow-jam swaying…just be sure to leave enough room between you two for the holy spirit.

Foxes once again delivers when she drops an album. Giving her fans what they want and doing it well. Whether you’re at a high school dance or just taking a twirl around your living room, The Kick has a song for every occasion. Even Carrie would get down to this album, no buckets of pig’s blood needed.

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