Lenka’s Intraspectral

Just when things feel a little less perky and quirky in the world, Lenka drops her new album Intraspectral, and balance is restored. Although I’m a little more cynical and appreciate my revenge breakup songs, Lenka’s writing style and sound always brings a smile to my face. In my gay opinion, her fun-loving sound is uniquely her own and always different than her albums before.

Lenka has an appreciation for the preciousness of time (“One Moment”), mental health (“Okay”) and all the highs and lows of life (“Ultraviolet”) on Intraspectral. “Champion” reminds us all that we can always use a little more “cha-cha” and hand claps in our lives. While, “Cabin In The Woods” promises an Eden-like escape when life gets too hard, unless you’re like me and think of the woods as a place for ax murders and all of nature is a toilet where you can get poison ivy in all your unmentionable areas.

Lenka’s cup is definitely half full of hallucinogenic juice, while mines half empty with Kool-Aid that I’m afraid to drink because I don’t know who poured it or what’s in it. “Is this vegan?” However, no matter how cold my heart, Lenka melts it each and every time she drops a new album and I always look forward to the next.

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