Tiffany’s Shadows

Shadows isn’t your grandma’s Tiffany album. Gone are the days when Nanna could reminisce about all the times she would couple skate at the roller rink as “Could’ve Been” played over the PA sytem. Tiffany has traded in her jean jacket for leather and soft pop for hard rock. Her last few albums have taken some baby steps towards this more rocking transition but this is the first album she has fully embraced her darker side.

Back in June of 2021, Tiffany set out on her Shadows tour that was my partner and I’s first post COVID quarantine concert up in New Hampshire. The music was grittier and so was the crowd, gone were the mall rats and in their place were gear heads. The old tour shirts were replaced with Harley-Davidson logos. It was good to have live music back and a new Tiffany sound but who knew it would take this long for Shadows to finally drop.

Shadows is more head nodding and fist pumping than previous albums. There are a few slower songs (“I’ll Meet You Anywhere” and “Bed Of Nails”) but they have a harder, Heart-like edge. This granny is going to need to get in shape for the next tour so I don’t get whiplash rocking out to “Keep On Swinging” or break a hip when I body surf to “Hey Baby” through the mosh pit. In my gay opinion, Shadows has been a long time coming but it’s got the sound that Tiffany’s voice has grown perfectly into.

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