KiKi Holli’s Chemical Love EP

Thanks to this site, people have reached out to me with recommendations of new female or queer artists that they think I might want to follow. I admit that I’m picky when it comes to the music that I like, but sometimes I get turned on to a new diva that fits the bill. That’s where KiKi Holli’s new Chemical Love EP comes in.

Chemical Love is five songs and one remix with a modern sound with an 80’s essence. “New High” and the Lux Mundi remix have New Wave vibes and “Play To Lose” has retro R&B beat. It’s hard for an artist to cover a classic, the key is to make it sound familiar while putting an unique stamp on it. “More Than This” has KiKi’s style all over it but reminds me of the Roxy Music original. KiKi busts out the keytar and breathy Sade sound for “Sun Playing Tricks” and turns it out with her inner Lady Miss Kier dance jam “It’s Chemical.” Chemical Love is simply rad.

I’m a sucker for any diva that can bring me back to the 80’s but has a style that’s her own, in my gay opinion, KiKi is that diva.

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