Carly Rae Jepsen’s The Loveliest Time

Lately, roughly a year or so after the drop of a new album, the stars align and Carly Rae Jepsen is gracing us with the b-sides from that album. It’s that magical time again, almost a year after The Loneliest Time, and Carly has released The Loveliest Time. This is her third time dropping a b-sides album and I wish other divas would catch on already.

Carly has her formula down pat and not only does it work for her, but more importantly, it works well for me. I love getting new albums from her on the regular. Her voice remains instantly recognizable and each new album delivers more of her infectious songs.

The Loveliest Time will transport you to a whole new realm of pop. This years cosmic return of Carly’s musical comet will have you bopping your head to the beats and getting lost in the weightless lyrics. In my gay opinion, who needs gravity when it’s so much more fun to just float upon Carly’s breathy vocals.

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