If a musician or band has a self-titled album, it’s usually their first. Echosmith chose to break that rule on their newest self-titled album. Although it’s their third, it feels like a new beginning. Of course they still have their pop sound but this time it’s more mature and subdued, not so in your face.

This time the music is more melodic and their lyrics are more poetic and ethereal. For the new album I wasn’t expecting this mellow, Dido-esque vibe, because when I saw them in concert last October, they performed a full-on rock show. I like when an album like this comes out of nowhere and can unexpectedly surprise me.

In my gay opinion, the “Cool Kids” have grown into Adult Contemporaries. Their self-titled album shows the growth that the group has undergone and although their sound is somewhat different, it’s familiar enough to appeal to fans old and new.

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