Echosmith’s Lonely Generation


I’ve been a fan of Echosmith’s ever since they first came on to the scene with their song “Cool Kids” in 2013. They’ve released a few EP’s since but I’ve been waiting patiently for a new full-length album. When I purchased a ticket to their Inside A Dream tour in 2018 it came with a download of the new album which didn’t come until now.



Echosmith’s sophomore album, Lonely Generation, starts off with “Lonely Generation” and “Diamonds” which continue where their debut album, Talking Dreams, left off in all it’s glittery feel-goodness. From there Lonely Generation morphs into an album full of pop ballad beauty and mature lyrical realness. Echosmith’s sound is heavily influenced by the Top 40 sound of today but has some nods back to the days of disco on “Love You Better” and “Follow You” has a Joni Mitchell sound if she were young and just starting out in today’s music industry. My favorite track has to be “Shut Up And Kiss Me” with it’s slow beat that builds into a catchy hook that’s both sexy and fun.



Some people have IRA’s they invest in to see them into their retirement, I do the same thing with divas. Madonna canceled a large majority of her North American Madame X tour dates last year due to an injury. Cher doesn’t have many more farewell tours in her. Tina Turner ran off to Switzerland with her younger man and all her What’s Love Got To Do With It money. Leaving me with Echosmith as one of the younger groups who I hope will still be making music and touring into my retirement. If Lonely Generation is any indication, in my gay opinion, I’m making a smart investment.


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