Echosmith’s Inside A Dream EP

I became an Echosmith fan, like many people, the minute I heard their hit single “Cool Kids” back in 2013. I bought their album Talking Dreams and their EP Acoustic Dreams which is some of the Talking Dreams songs stripped down. What I like about Echosmith is that they have an upbeat vibe and make fun pop music.

I bought Echosmith’s new EP, Inside A Dream, as soon as it came out. The EP has a futuristic retro sound. Here’s how the seven songs break down:

Lessons: In my gay opinion, the best song on the EP. This is what Tegan and Sara would have sounded like if they were around in the 80’s. Not only does it have a somewhat 80’s sound but it references some of the “Lessons” learned in love songs on the radio back then.

Get Into My Car: This is an 80’s title but the only thing missing is them singing “Get outta my dreams” beforehand. It reminds me of Madi Diaz’s sound with Cher’s vocal warbling.

18: If Hall and Oates had love children, this is what they would sound like on this song full of pop angst.

Future Me: A fun song with old-school synths and drums about being happy with who you are today instead of trying to improve for tomorrow.

Goodbye: This one has an Alexander Jean feel both in the music and lyrics. Who knew a break up song could be so fun?

Hungry: If Enya tried to return to the pop charts today, this is what she would sound like. It’s my least favorite song on the EP. The lyrics aren’t as developed and it feels more like a filler.

Dear World: A socially conscious ballad ala “We Are The World” but taking larger issues and making them more personal.

Echosmith announced a tour to support their new up-coming album. A few days after the announcement, the tour and album got delayed until next year, so they threw the fans a bone with this EP. I was on the fence if I wanted to go see them in concert since they weren’t coming to Connecticut and the venues they were playing in Boston and New York were standing room (give me an assigned seat any day) only. After listening to the EP, I was sold and wanted to see the new music performed live. So I ordered up my tickets. Now I have to borrow one of my niece’s or nephew’s spawn to take with me so I’ll look like a dad bringing his kid instead of the old guy who’s into teen pop.

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