Madi Diaz’s It’s Okay To Be Alone EP

Back in 2014 I came across a free EP download called Stripped Chopped + Screwed by Madi Diaz. I’d never heard of Madi before but I’m never one to turn up free music or the chance to discover a new diva, plus with a title like that, how could I go wrong? It contained five acoustic versions of songs off her album Phantom. From the haunting vocals, to the relatable lyrics, to the thumping beats; I was hooked. I instantly bought Phantom with it’s exciting electro-pop sound, which only increased my need for more so I bought her two older albums (Plastic Moon and We Threw Our Hearts In The Fire) as well. So began my addiction to Madi’s music.

Later that year Madi went on tour opening for X Ambassadors. The show was coming nearby, so I did something I never did before (who knew there were still such things?), I went to a concert just to see the opening act. Madi live is just as amazing as she is on albums. I stuck around after her set to thank her for coming out, for an autograph, a photo and I left before the X Ambassadors even hit the stage. I was lucky to see her live again in early 2015 doing her own show at a local casino. Again the show was incredible.

Now a few years later, she’s released another EP, It’s Okay To Be Alone. The first song, for which the EP is named, has the unique voice that first got me hooked but with a different modern folk vibe. The same could be said for the song “Taste The Rain” (feat. The Guest and the Host) which sounds like something Emmylou Harris would sing. The other two songs, “The One That You Want” and “Dream Goes On Repeat” (also feat. The Guest and the Host) are more like classic Madi. My only complaint is that the EP is only four songs but she makes them count.

In my gay opinion, Madi Diaz is one of the most genuine singer/songwriter divas that I follow. She puts it all out there in an honest and extremely talented way. She definitely deserves more recognition that I think she receives.

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