Maria Mena’s And Then Came You

The thing I love about Maria Mena and her music is that she always goes there, especially on her new album And Then Came You. Whether she’s singing about a relationship’s messy end (her entire new album), mental health (“Try Again Tomorrow”) or death (“It Was Love”) she lays all her cards on the table and holds nothing back. Maria doesn’t hide her emotions behind metaphors or veiled prose, her songwriting style is much more exposed and like reading her diary. “Dear Diary, life is a dumpster fire and let me tell you why in detail!”

And Then Came You is an album about rebounding from past breakups in order to fit into a new and hopefully, healthier relationship. Those past pains create stronger scars to mend a broken heart. The lyrics are brutally honest and self-reflective, the music is vulnerable and bare, while Maria’s vocals are airy and wishful.

In my gay opinion, Maria isn’t your typical pop star. Her style and fan base is very European but I’m still hopeful that some day she’ll pop over to the States for a few tour dates. That would be a show I’d go out of my way for. Until then I have And Then Came You to wallow in the hardship of or to be thankful my life isn’t in that place anymore.

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