Maria Mena’s They Never Leave Their Wives

I hope with an album title like They Never Leave Their Wives, you weren’t planning to listen while relaxing in the bath tub with candles lit and a glass of chardonnay, unless you were planing on throwing a toaster in with you. Staying on brand, Maria Mena’s new album is just as full of angst and drama as her previous albums.

My favorite thing about Maria Mena is that she ran out of fucks to give many albums ago. Her music (which she co-writes) isn’t meant for the masses and doesn’t pander for radio play. She’s in a musical category all her own. She doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, its a whole damn jacket.

With Maria Mena, I expect honest and emotionally exposed lyrics, but what I didn’t expect was for this album to not be available for purchase. I could only find it for streaming on Spotify. I guess when you’re bogged down with relationship baggage, making money off downloads takes a back seat.

This album is for anyone who can relate to a really bad breakup or being with someone who’s already in a relationship. Or maybe you just want to hear someone going through shit worse than your own. In my gay opinion, there’s plenty of heartache to go around on They Never Leave Their Wives.

2 thoughts on “Maria Mena’s They Never Leave Their Wives

  1. Thea

    There was a delay in getting They Never Leave Their Wives available digitally on Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon in the USA but it is available on those platforms now! There will be no CDs or vinyls, Maria said. And there will be a second part to this album, a sequel, which is expected to be released in March next year (she said this in an interview with Dutch press).

    • Dave

      Thanks for the info! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when the album is available digitally here in the USA and look forward to the sequel in March.

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