Cameron Hawthorn’s Mustang

In honor of the scariest month of the year, I thought I would make this post as scary as it gets, I would review a full-on country EP. Not only a full-on country EP but a full-on country EP by a male artist. Have I finally had a break with reality? Have I given up my divas? Is this the first sign of a straight conversion therapy apocalypse?

Don’t start panicking and hoarding your rainbow boas, glitter, and lube just yet. Hear me out. Cameron Howthorn is a gay country music singer. You read that right, a GAY country music singer (following in K.D. Lang’s footsteps). I used to believe a gay male country singer existed as much as I believe in The Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot. Sure his being gay is enough to pique my interest to listen to the EP but what would possess me to write about him?

Speaking of Big Foot, check out the size of those cowboy boots!

I’m sold!

The first song on the Mustang EP is it’s namesake “Mustang.” Right from the first note you know it’s a country song with it’s twangy guitar riff and only in a country song can you get lyrics like “so giddy up, giddy up / come on lets go / gotta giddy up, giddy up / whoa!”

“Oh Hot Damn” is one damn-hot video (a sweaty red bandanna worn by Cameron is now on my list of dream merch) with even hotter lyrics. When things start “sizzling” for Cameron he asks someone to call him a fireman. Amen, sister. You throw in a blacksmith, a NASCAR driver and a rodeo clown and you got yourself a countrified version of The Village People.

“Dancing In The Living Room” has an old-school country ballad sound with Cameron crooning over a strummed guitar. It’s the gayest country music video ever…unless there’s a video out there of Dolly Parton riding a float bedazzled in rhinestones while buffed shirtless guys dance around her, if not, then the Nashville Pride Committee needs to up their game.

The most emotional song on the EP is “To Break Hers.” This is the song that made up my mind for sure that I would blog about Cameron. In my gay opinion, he’s a master of lyrical storytelling and this song gave me the feels.

The EP ends with what sounds like a cover of Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman” but ends up being Cameron’s own “Boys” which is a tongue-in-cheek sort of take on the well known classic. Although, I think Cameron not covering the original is a missed opportunity for a music video full of drag queens dolled up as country divas.

So whether you’re a fan of country music or a hot guy in tight jeans, Cameron’s EP offers something for everyone. Hopefully him two-stepping his cowboy boots through the door of country music will keep it propped open for other future gay cowboys.

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