Echosmith’s [The Live Album]

I’m not usually a fan of live albums, the sound is iffy at best and you have to listen to the roar of the crowd between songs. Also, the chit-chat between songs is enjoyable the first time but after multiple listens, not so much.

With [The Live Album], Echosmith released a high-quality live album that doesn’t involve an audience, so there’s no clapping or cheering to sit through. The album doesn’t have any banter, they saved the storytelling for their YouTube videos with an Unplugged vibe.

In my gay opinion, this is how all musicians should do live albums. All the songs are reworked version of tunes from their self-titled album. There isn’t a huge difference between the original and live versions but there are some vocal enhancements and additional musical solos. It’s fun way to revisit their self-titled album from last year.

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