The Aces

Every weekend I spend a couple hours doing diva research online. I search what divas are touring and who’s coming to local venues. When I saw an “indie pop with an electronic edge” group of four women coming for free to a local casino, I checked them out and was blown away. I discovered, in my gay opinion, this generation’s version of The Go-Go’s or The Bangles. Let me introduce you to The Aces.

Their music may or may not have me dancing around my house just like the Justin Bieber drag queen in the midriff bearing frilly white top and red skirt. I’ll be posting my “Who wore it better” photos later.

If my partner would allow me to, which he won’t for no good reason, our front lawn would totally have pink lighting and plastic flamingos littering the lawn. As for the Martina Navratilova wannabe, that’s not my idea of a good time with balls either and haven’t we all brushed our teeth, rinsed and spit while in the bath tub?

Watch out Tony Hawk, these ladies are ready for the next X Games and they’re coming for your title.

Who doesn’t a love a Heathers reference. I understand that Shannen Doherty is busy with the reboot but couldn’t they have gotten Christian Slater to do a cameo?

A sweet pink zombie apocalypse love song. What’s not to love?

These five videos were enough to get me to buy The Aces’ I Don’t Like Being Honest EP and When My Heart Felt Volcanic album. Their sound reminds me a lot of Echosmith and Tegan & Sara. If you fall victim to their siren ways as I did, you won’t be disappointed, the rest of their music is just as addicting as the candy in their “Last One” video. I dare you to try to listen and not bop your head or play concert in the car while driving around.

As of this posting, The Aces are on tour now. On March 2, 2019 The Aces are coming to The Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut at 8:00 P.M. If you’re around, I think it has the makings of a fun show. Unfortunately, I can’t go. I’m totally bummed but I have a VIP ticket to see the play Love Letters with Barbara Eden and Hal Linden that night. Barbara and Hal are both in their upper 80’s so I better take advantage of meeting Jeannie and Barney Miller while I still can. The Aces are talented and young enough that I can hopefully catch them next tour.

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