Felicia Day’s Embrace Your Weird

Felicia Day’s new book Embrace Your Weird is a self-help book to get one’s creative juices flowing. Thankfully my juices have been flowing just fine here on my blog but I’m such a huge fan of Felicia’s that I went to her book signing for the opportunity to meet her and get my books signed. In my gay opinion, Embrace Your Weird is a fun read and could be really helpful for folks with a creative block (especially writers) or people who’s anxiety gets in their way. It’s a book that will help people be more creative as well as better people.



Embrace Your Weird is more of a work book than just an inspirational book, however there’s a couple things that Felicia doesn’t understand about me (shocking since she spent a whole minute with me). When I get a book signed I delicately read it, trying not to bend the spine or any of the pages, and won’t let anyone else even breathe near it. Felicia has activities on almost every other page encouraging readers to write and draw on them. Nope, not gonna happen. Just the thought of graffitiing the book has me breaking out in hives. Also I’m not much of a participator and it’s too much work to fill out all those questionnaires like it’s a Yahoo quiz to find out which Golden Girl I am (I already know I’m a total Dorothy). So I chose to channel my creativity by mentally answering the questions…ok, I pretended to.


The thing I enjoyed most about Embrace Your Weird is Felicia’s writing style which isn’t to impress (oops, sorry if it was) but to have her quirky personality shine. That it does and that’s what I hope to do with my blog. If I can be a quarter as entertaining as Felicia, then I’ll gladly embrace my weird.

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