Demi Moore’s Inside Out: A Memoir

I was excited to see tickets being sold for a Demi Moore book signing and discussion in New York for her autobiography Inside Out: A Memoir. Earlier that day Whoopi Goldberg was doing a book signing but it was a wristband event, meaning getting there early to be guaranteed a spot. In my gay opinion, one diva doing a signing is good but two is Gay Heaven. I planned on getting into the city early with my ticket for Demi and to get to the Whoopi book store before opening to get a wristband. Mission accomplished.

Since I was in the city early and had free time I did a couple of my favorite New York City things, walking around Central Park and The High Line. I spent the rest of the time waiting in lines for both signings. Whoopi’s signing was in and out, there was no personalizing of the book and no posed photos, just take your pictures from the line and move on. Demi’s rules were the same but at least she had seating and a discussion with Arianna Huffington moderating. People seemed to know who Arianna Huffington was, all I caught was she founded The Huffington Post…which I assume is some sort of blog. So she’s like me but she gets to interview Demi while I have to get herded in with the peons. Where’s my press pass? The whole day was great and both Whoopi and Demi were super friendly.

Demi’s book is one of the most shocking and honest celebrity auto-biographies I have read. She grew up with dysfunctional parents (to put it nicely) who used her and her brother to hurt each other. Her mother used Demi as a source of income, selling her to a man when she was young and to tabloids when she became famous. Demi shares stories about her eating disorders, body issues, and her addiction to alcohol and drugs while becoming the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She also writes about her family life with her three daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis before it ended. Also her marriage to a much-younger Ashton Kutcher that involved a threesome leading to Ashton cheating and their divorce. At her discussion she said she didn’t want to appear like a victim and she doesn’t. The trials she survived only made her stronger and wiser.

Demi dishes the dirt about others as well as herself in Inside Out: A Memior. It made for an interesting read and I flew through it. I was always a fan of Demi as an actress but now I’m a fan of her as a person as well.


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