Corona Project #1

What does one do when stranded inside for days and weeks and months on end? I never thought that would be a question I would have to ask myself. Then the Coronavirus hit. Part of me is bummed but part of me is enjoying not having a schedule. I still have to work but my hours are cut, leaving me more time for projects I’ve been putting off.

One such project is preparing my old Mac computer for wiping. I switched computers a few months ago when the Mac started showing signs of old age and slowing down probably due to porn viruses much worse than Corona. So this weekend I made sure everything important was transferred to a safe place.

A found “treasure” was a folder with writings from my 2011 New Year’s project where I resolved to write something every day. That year I worked on a screen play and a novel that may get revisited in the up-coming months. When I wasn’t inspired to write, I still had my resolution, so these were my writer’s block thoughts:

Death visits everyone at least once.

I think it’s better to know who you are than to think about what you want.

When I grow up, I want to be as manly as Janet Jackson.

I can’t love someone more than I love myself.

Once the voices stop, it’s hard to get them to speak again.

Don’t sleep with your best friend, instead find someone you want to sleep with who can be like a best friend.

Reggae music and the smell of pot give me a headache.

Shared secrets aren’t really secrets anymore.

When I was younger I would sit home on the weekends and watch all those cheesy 80’s movies that stared Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. Those movies, where the geeky boy ALWAYS got the girl.  I would sigh at the end with tears in my eyes, and wish I were Molly Ringwald. Damn it, why wasn’t I born with red hair. 

So what did these found musings teach me? In my gay opinion, #1: My writing hasn’t improved in almost a decade. #2: If things go south with my job, I can always write goth fortune cookies.

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