Foxes’ Glorious

When I first heard the song “Clarity” on the radio, I was instantly hooked by the female voice. After doing some research online, I found out that the song was by Zedd featuring vocals by Foxes. Foxes, now there’s a name of a singer I can follow. I took my research another step to find that there were quite a few musical Foxes out there, one being an all male group…definitely not what I was looking for. When I finally tracked down the Foxes I wanted, I was disappointed to find that she didn’t have any full length albums. So I put her name on my radar and kept my eyes and ears peeled for an album release date. When Foxes finally released her debut album it was only available overseas to start. Again I had to wait! Finally she released the album “Glorious” for download here in the US, but would it be worth the wait?

The voice that first peaked my interest is there again in full force, backed by some catchy Euro-pop beats. One of the things I liked most about “Clarity” was that it started out slow and then worked itself up to a dance beat. Foxes uses this formula on quite a few of the songs on her album; “Youth”, “Holding Onto Heaven”, “Lets Go For Tonight”, “Glorious”, and “Echo”. When she’s not mixing the two styles she can seriously belt out the ballads (“Night Glo” and “Count The Saints”) as well as fully embrace her upbeat pop side (“Talking To Ghosts” and “Night Owls Early Birds”). I like the fact that the album isn’t all dance songs or all ballads. Each song is unique, creating a good mix.

The first time I listened to the album I thought Foxes sounded a lot like a highly produced, pop saturated version of Marina & The Diamonds. However, after a few more listens, I find she has her own style and voice. There’s nothing new or Earth shattering on the album but the songs are fun and full of pop goodness. A good album to put on and have fun imaging yourself as a teenage girl dancing around your pretty pink bedroom with your hairbrush in your hand playing concert…not that that’s what I do.

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