Life 101: For Teens

I kind of feel bad for teens today, they’re lied to every day. Parents can’t tell them the truth for fear of DCF coming knocking on their door and teachers can’t tell them the truth or they can lose their job and the school will get sued. So that leaves teens to find honesty the same place everybody turns to for the truth, the internet. Teens, that’s where I come in, this is my gay opinion on the way life really is.

I’m sorry to tell you that you’re not as special as everybody wants you to believe. “You can be anything you want! Dreams come true!” might look nice crocheted on a pillow but it’s just blowing smoke up your ass. Hey if you’re parents are rich, you’re smart, and you have a bankable talent…then you may have a shot. But how many people fall into that category? There are more people who want to be the next Kim Kardashian than can be….who wouldn’t want to live in a mansion and have your only job be to make sure your ass looks good in Spandex? Do you really think anybody has the goal to one day be unemployed, dirty and living under a bridge? Everybody has certain talents and limits so it’s best to know yours and plan on working your ass off.

Looks matter. The saying ‘beauty is only skin deep’ is to make ugly people feel better about themselves. When people see you they will judge your looks, clothes, skin color and mannerisms. So unless you can afford plastic surgery, you’re stuck with what you’re born with. Don’t cover up your unhappy feelings with food, stick your finger down your throat to have control in your life, or cut yourself to make your exterior match your interior pain. Abusing yourself only makes you more unattractive. You need to work with what you’re given and own your shit!

Having a baby will ruin your life. Having a kid isn’t going to make you an adult or the next big star on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s going to make you a washed-up welfare recipient with no life of your own, living hand to mouth for the next 18 years. Guys if you’re looking to have a kid just to create a legacy, how about you make your own legacy with some hard work and creativity. Girls if you’re looking to have a baby to keep your boyfriend or to have someone love you unconditionally, your man ain’t worth it and any pet you adopt will give you unconditional love. I’m not saying don’t have sex, I’m just saying to use every form of protection you can to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

No matter how bad it gets there’s no reason to kill yourself or others. People suck! They will say and do horrible things to tear you down. Bullies have been around since the beginning of time. Killing yourself is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, do whatever else you need to do in order to survive. Unfortunately we’ve become a society where seeking revenge by gunning down your classmates will get you a moment of fame but that’s not the answer? People will remember the deed but not the person who did it, the reason why, or what could be done to help the situation. Life is precious and already short, don’t rush it along.

The bottom line is that the teen years are a shit storm of bad. You’ll make some good decisions and some bad. That’s life. At the end of the day, you become an adult where all the choices you make are your own and be in your control. The stronger you come out of your teen years, the better you’ll be able to cope as an adult. Nothing is forever. Good and bad times come and go. You’ll see babies born and people die. Love will enter your life to make you smile and break your heart to make you cry. The only person who will always be with you, is you. Love and protect yourself because you’re the only one you can count on 100 percent of the time. Be the person you can be proud of!

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