It’s no secret that I love animals but have no use for kids. I’m not interested in anyone until they’re old enough to use the toilet and able clean my house. I won’t even pretend to understand why people would want kids. So obviously my gay opinion on breeding is DON’T DO IT!

I hear so much whining from women who’s biological clocks are ticking or are unable to have kids at all, hello there are other options. There’s enough kids in the world already. Why do we need more? Just recycle one that’s already out there. That goes for couples who want to have kids as well. If you feel SO full of love that you want to share it, adopt a kid. By adopting you can pick the sex, color and personality of the child you’re looking for. Simple one stop shopping.

Not only is adopting better for people but for animals as well. There are so many homeless animals out there in need of home, why pay a breeder or pet store when millions of animals are put to sleep each year? As long as breeders and pet stores can make money, they will exploit animals for their own monetary gain. Don’t fool yourself into believing that the well-being of the animals come before the breeder’s and pet store’s wallets.

The best way to change this world is by sharing your love! By adopting you change the life of a child or animal and you won’t be contributing to the over population that our world is faced with. People who shouldn’t be having children are and those children are being abandoned and put up for adoption. People are treating animals as property and when done with them they dump them off at a rescue organization, if they’re lucky, or on the side of the road. It’s up to the more responsible and kinder people to step up and rescue these lost souls.

Thanks to adoption, right now my partner (who was adopted himself) and I have three loveable rats and two beautiful cats that we share our lives with. So if you’re considering bringing another life into this world through your own body, a rented uterus or a breeder; give adoption a thought. You’ll save a life!

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